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    Scientific management
    Since entering the Chinese market in 2005, through continuous self-improvement and development, Euro-African certification has now built a large-scale comprehensive testing experimental base, including EMC laboratory, safety LVD laboratory, chemical RoHS laboratory, textile laboratory, environmental reliability laboratory, pump performance test room, motor synthesis. In accordance with ISO/IEC17025 and EN45001 international laboratory management norms, the laboratory has been established in strict accordance with the service tenet of "scientific, fair, accurate and efficient".
    Professional One-stop Solution
    Extensive cooperation with SGS, Intertek, TUV, BV and Dekra and other international authoritative testing and certification bodies can help and support enterprises to improve product quality, open up international markets, and provide customers with specialized, customized and one-stop services. Abundant laboratory equipment resources, dedicated reliability testing team and unified and efficient laboratory management system are sufficient to meet the needs of customers and ensure that relevant testing tasks can be completed within a reasonable specified time.
    Market credibility
    As an independent third-party testing institution, market credibility is the key to the survival and development of enterprises. Based on technology research and development, relying on scientific, high-quality and efficient services, the company will take improving brand value and strengthening market credibility as its strategic development direction. Through continuous technological innovation and accumulation, Oufei certification business now covers environmental, medical, water quality, public places, construction and other industries.
    Perfect service system
    Serve China, serve the world, and be the first brand in China's local testing and certification industry. Oufei team will continue to provide customers with reliable value-added services, think what customers want, urgent customers need, together with customers to witness the development of China!
    10,000 + Enterprise Customer
    For more than 1000 enterprise customers, the company has enhanced its competitive advantage, met its higher quality requirements, helped enterprises to overcome technical barriers to trade, reduced trade risks, and provided product international market passes.

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