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OViS Testing Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive third-party testing organization integrating technical services such as testing, certification, inspection, factory inspection, training and counseling. OViS relies on talents, technology, information, certification, testing, etc. With its strong resource advantages and support, it provides one-stop comprehensive quality solutions for household appliances, machinery, electronics and accessories, building materials, pressure equipment, electronic information, audio and other industries, enhances the company’s competitive advantage, and meets its quality requirements. Higher requirements, to help companies overcome technical barriers to trade, reduce trade risks, and provide passports for products to go to foreign markets.

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  • Brand trust
    With the strong resource advantages and support of talents, technology, information, certification, testing and other aspects, Europe Africa testing provides one-stop comprehensive quality solutions for home appliances, machinery, electronics, electricians and accessories and other industries
  • Professional authority
    The test ability can meet the requirements of GB, IEC, en, ISO, as, UL and other standards, and has successfully obtained the international mutual recognition qualification of CMA and CNAs.
  • Comprehensive ability
    Since its establishment, through continuous self-improvement and development, Euro Africa testing has been operated in strict accordance with ISO / IEC 17025 management system.
  • Service guarantee
    We promise that we will strictly abide by the operation procedures, implement the inspection and testing standards, adhere to the principle of objective, independent, fair and just integrity, abide by the professional ethics, and bear the corresponding social responsibility.

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